I am an illustrator specialising in Heritage Visualisation work, but always looking for interesting freelance opportunities in all areas of illustration.



I have worked as a professional archaeologist in the commercial sector for 20 years, the last 13 years of which I have worked as a full-time Illustrator. Combining backgrounds in archaeology and illustration has led me to specialise mostly, though not exclusively, in heritage illustration, working on excavation projects worldwide, for clients in both the academic and commercial sectors.

My skills in hand drawn illustration, computer based graphic production and desktop publishing allow for a range of cross-platform visual realisation of archaeological and historical data. I am specifically interested in the interpretation and research of available data to visually re-create the past using reconstructions of objects, sites and activities to capture and communicate ‘moments in time’.

I have Master’s degree in Illustration: Visual Communication, with the Interactive Design Institute, University of Hertfordshire in which I was largely involved in exploring the possibilities of interactive and animated illustration.

While working predominantly in 2D, I aim to investigate more interactive visual communication methods and, in the future, to practice using 3D techniques and communication platforms.



Vicki Herring Illustration

Current Project: The Must Farm Bronze Age Stilted Settlement, Whittlesey. Cambridge Archaeological Unit.

Download a copy of my Curriculum Vitae

I am currently based in York and work for the Cambridge Archaeological Unit, my other clients include the University of Cambridge, the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, The British Museum, and Thames and Hudson.

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